Team Management System


This application allows the user to create multiple teams as per the requirement i.e Based on the allocated area, category, specialization etc. Once the team creates relevant employees, specific tasks can be allotted to specific teams based on their requirements.


As and when any new job requisition arises, the manager can create the same into the system, allocate the same to the respective team. The team to whom the job has been allocated gets a notification of the same for which they are well aware of the assigned task.


The manager can track the location of the team members & can accordingly allocate the job to save travel time. So, by the usage of this application, travel time can be reduced leading to optimum utilization of resources.


The organization can track the performance of the team/ individual with the usage of this application as both the job allocation and execution are being captured into the system leading to systematic base for performance analysis and accordingly incentives structure can be devised.

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